There are just 27 players remaining in the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event and Team Ivey Pro Dan Smith is among the chip leaders. Dan survived Day 6 of the Main Event with 10.33 million in chips and will return on Monday to punch his ticket to the November Nine.

Dan began Day 6 with a stack of 5.33 million, good for sixth. Early on, he built his stack up to six million but began a slide that cost him about half his stack. Sean Dempsey and Kyle Keranen forced Dan out of a pair of big pots at the river and he sank to 4.2 million. He would later dip to just 3 million after dropping a pair of hands to Andrey Zaichenko and Mark Newhouse.

After the dinner break, Dan started to see a lot of fluctuation in his stack. He took down a nearly 1.2 million chip pot against Iaron Lightbourne to move back to nearly 5 million. A little later, Aaron Kaiser doubled through Dan to drop him to 3.3 million.

Just when it seemed that Dan couldn’t build a stack, he caught a massive double-up at the expense of Chris Johnson. Dan raised to 210,000 under the gun and Johnson called from the cutoff.…

This week’s Team Ivey Pro of the Week set the record on Friday for consecutive cashes in the WSOP Main Event. Ronnie Bardah cashed in the WSOP Main Event for the fifth straight time this past Friday, the only player in history to accomplish this feat.

Ronnie’s “Road to Five” was not an easy one as he entered Day 4 with just 110,000. He lost half of that stack to Eric Cloutier when his pocket tens were unable to hold against A-Q.

Rather than just sitting on his stack to squeeze into the money for a min-cash, Ronnie tried to make a move with on the button. Cloutier again gave him action with pocket fives. The flop and turn both missed Ronnie, but he spiked an ace on the river to double to 81,500.

Ronnie was able to ride that stack through the bubble as three players were eliminated during the first round of hand-for-hand play. Ronnie was all smiles knowing that he had just set a record that he believes will never be broken.

Fortune continued to smile upon Ronnie as he was able to knock out his nemesis Cloutier shortly after the bubble. He then was able to survive for a couple of levels and moved up a few spots on the pay ladder.…

Dan Smith is the final Team Ivey Pro remaining in the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event. After an amazing day of action, Dan finished the day sixth in chips and is in great position for a run at the November Nine. Meanwhile, Griffin Benger’s run in the Main Event ended with a 90th place finish.

Griffin Benger came into Day 5 of the Main Event third in chips with 2.32 million. During the first level, he quickly pushed his stack up to 3.4 million and was in contention for the chip lead. He nearly cracked four million in chips during the second level after eliminating Bob Miller. Miller was all-in pre-flop with pocket jacks and Griffin woke up with pocket aces. They held and he was up to 3.93 million.

Griffin took that stack into dinner break, good for second overall. After the dinner break, he and Dan Smith moved to the ESPN featured table. Unfortunately, this move would prove to be the beginning of the end of Griffin’s run in the Main Event.

His slide began in a monster pot against Tony Ruberto. At the turn, the board read and Griffin bet 198,000 from the small blind. Ruberto raised to 475,000, followed by a three bet by Griffin to 900,000.…

Dan Smith and Griffin Benger are the last Team Ivey Pros remaining in the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event. They are also among the chip leaders heading into Day 5. Ronnie Bardah set the record for consecutive cashes in the Main Event and Phil Ivey’s run in the Main Event came to an end on Friday.

Day 4 of the 2014 WSOP Main Event kicked off on Friday with 746 players returning in hopes of cashing in the Main Event. Only 693 players will receive a payday and the opening levels proved intense. Five Ivey Pros began the day and no player in this event wanted to cash worse than Ronnie Bardah.

Ronnie was looking to cash in the Main Event for the fifth straight time to set the all-time record. He began the day with 108,500 but dropped over half of his stack almost immediately in a big confrontation with Eric Cloutier. Cloutier was all-in pre-flop with and Ronnie called with pocket tens. Cloutier proceeded to spike an ace and Ronnie was in danger of bubbling the event.

After further sliding to 40,000, Ronnie was all-in with and Cloutier gave him action with . The flop fell and the dream of five straight cashes started to die.…

Team Ivey Pro Ronnie Bardah has just set the record for consecutive cashes at the 2014 World Series of Poker. The money bubble just burst minutes ago to give him his fifth consecutive Main Event cash.

The road to #5 was not an easy one for Ronnie and he had to double-up earlier in the day to survive. Ronnie lost over half of his stack to Eric Cloutier when his pocket tens failed to hold against . After sliding to 40,000, he found his spot to attempt a double-up and Cloutier again gave him action.

Ronnie was all-in pre-flop with and Cloutier held . The flop fell , missing both players but the turn gave Ronnie a ton of outs. Any ace, eight, or jack would keep the drive for five alive. The river fell the and Ronnie doubled to 81,500.

Ronnie gutted it out to the bubble and hand-for-hand play started with 695 players remaining. Five players went all-in on the first hand of play and three were eliminated. One was eliminated in brutal fashion when his queen’s full lost to quad fives. With those eliminations, Ronnie locked up his fifth consecutive Main Event cash, a record that he feels will never be duplicated.…

Ronnie Bardah has a chance to make history on Friday at the 2014 World Series of Poker. If he is able to survive the bubble, he will be the only player in history to cash in five consecutive Main Events.

PokerNews caught up to Ronnie just prior to the final level on Day 3 and they discussed just how tough it is to cash in the Main Event once, much less five times in a row. Ronnie explained, “If I set this record, I don’t think anybody is going to do it in the future. I wish everyone the best but it is really, really, really tough to cash in this event.” He continued, “This is the toughest for me that it’s ever been and if I cash this time, it’s going to be the hardest battle I’ve ever fought.”

The conversation then shifted to some of Ronnie’s past cashes. His first ever Main Event cash was in 2010. That year he finished in 24th and he explained that he was on a cloud that year. Following his deep run in 2010, cashing in the Main Event became a habit and most just expected him to finish in the money.

Things haven’t gone as smoothly this year as in past years.…

Phil Ivey was the overall chip leader heading into Day 3 of the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event. Six other Team Ivey Pros joined him on Thursday with five advancing. Phil was unable to retain his chip lead but is still in great shape heading into Day 4. Meanwhile, Dan Smith and Griffin Benger vaulted up the leaderboard and will come back in the Top 20 in chips.

Seven Team Ivey Pros took their seats at the Rio on Thursday. Day 3 proved to be moving day as the massive field shrank from 1,864 players to just 746. Unfortunately, two of our pros failed to advance and fell short of a payday.

Andrew Lichtenberger’s Main Event came to an abrupt end in a single hand. After running his starting stack of 76,200 to over 130,000, he was all-in with against a short stacked player’s and Isaac Baron’s .

The flop missed fell to give the short stack some hope but Andrew retained the lead. The turn fell the and suddenly Andrew was left with a single out to avoid elimination. The river fell the and luckychewy hit the rail in brutal fashion.

Sometimes you can play your absolute best and the cards just won’t cooperate.…

Phil Ivey is the overall chip leader heading into Day 3 of the 2014 World Series of Poker. He joined ten Team Ivey Pros at the Rio on Wednesday with each looking to build chips for a run at the money bubble. Only three survived, but each is in the top 100 in chips.

Giuseppe Pantaleo tried to write his own “chip and a chair” story on Wednesday, returning with a mere 575 chips. He was on the button at the start of the day and immediately put himself at risk with against another player’s . The flop fell with a six to give Giuseppe a pair, but he failed to improve further. He hit the rail but took it all in stride.

Talking to, he stated, What was I supposed to do? Just sleep in and let them take the chips? You never know what could happen. People could come back and win with stacks like that.” He also revealed that his summer is not over and will be playing in some other events currently underway in Las Vegas.

Two-time bracelet winner Jennifer Harman also fell on Day 2c. She came into the day as a shorter stack and failed to build any momentum.… has been running a series of stories on ten-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Ivey. These stories have covered just about every aspect of his professional life but this time they caught up with the couple that are best known for being Phil’s #1 fans.

If you have never heard of Pat and Mel Humphries, they both know Phil from his early playing days in Atlantic City. Once Phil started dominating the poker world, the Humphries started coming out to Las Vegas every summer to cheer him to victory.

As Pat was quick to point out in the video, they are personal friends of Phil’s and not just fans. They have been coming out for over a decade and railing Phil gives them a good excuse to get away. Mel also pointed to Phil’s table demeanor, stating, “He’s a true gentleman all the way. You’ll never see Phil talk about a player or say anything about them. He gets beat, he takes it. He accepts it.”

To hear more from the Humphries, check out the video below:

Tuesday was another big day at the Rio as 2,915 players returned to play Day 2a and 2b of the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event. With the money bubble still over a day away, the goal for every player in the building was surviving the day.

Six Team Ivey Pros survived Days 1a and 1b and started their march to the money on Tuesday. Aaron Jones came into Day 2b with just under 30,000 and found the perfect spot to double-up in the second level. Unfortunately, his hand failed to hold.

He was all-in pre-flop with against for Bruce Levitt. A king hit the flop to give Levitt a set and Aaron failed to improve. While he’s certainly disappointed with how his Main Event ended, Aaron still had his best series ever in terms of prize money won. He cashed three times during the 2014 WSOP, earning over $123,000.

Jonathan Tamayo’s
WSOP came to a close on Tuesday as well. He came into Day 2b with 95,400 but couldn’t catch a break all day. His stack steadily sliding all day, he got his last 16,000 in during the final level with pocket nines and ran into pocket kings. After his elimination, Jonathan mentioned he might take some time off from live poker.…