Team Ivey

Poker's elite are represented on Team Ivey. World Champions, WSOP bracelet winners, WPT Champions, and the elite of the high stakes poker world are among those on Team Ivey. Learn more about Team Ivey here.

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Phil Ivey

Ten-time WSOP Bracelet Winner
Phil Ivey is considered by many to be the greatest poker player in the game. He is a ten-time WSOP bracelet winner, a WPT champion and has over $21.4 million in live tournament earnings.
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Cole South

Cash Game Specialist
Hailing from Williamsburg, Va., Cole began his online poker career in 2005 by depositing $50 on PartyPoker and used bankroll management to run that up to $13,000 in just one year.
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Patrik Antonius

#2 All-Time in Online Cash Game Earnings
Patrik Antonius never wanted to be a professional poker player growing up, but sometimes one cannot fight fate. Having started out as a aspiring tennis professional, an injury at 15 forced him on the sidelines and while [...]
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Jennifer Harman

High Stakes Pro and Mom
Jennifer Harman-Traniello has often been referred to as one of the best all-around female players in the game. She has been a high stakes staple in Vegas for decades and has played against, and beaten, the best that the [...]

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Dan Smith

High Stakes Tournament Specialist
Dan Smith aka "KingDan" started his competitive career as a accomplished chess player. He would be introduced to poker in his later teens and by the time he started attending college at the University of Maryland, he [...]
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Andrew Lichtenberger

High Stakes Cash and Tournament Specialist
Andrew Lichtenberger aka "luckychewy" is one of the best young all-around poker players in the game today. His ability to crush it in both tournaments and cash games makes him among one of the most feared players in the game.
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Jonathan Jaffe

Heads-Up No Limit Hold ‘em Specialist
Jonathan Jaffe is Ivey Poker's resident Heads-Up NL Hold'em tournament specialist. He began his poker career as a result of the Poker Boom in 2003 and discovered he "had a knack" for poker and began playing online. It [...]
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Aaron Jones

The Man, The Myth, The Legend
Aaron Jones aka "aejones" wears many hats in the poker world. Between playing high stakes cash games online, competing in the biggest live events in the world, and serving as a coach on one of the world's top poker [...]

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Alex Bolotin

WSOP Bracelet Winner and #1 on Belarus All-Time Money List
Alex Bolotin, aka "Diesel", has been playing card games in one form or another his entire life. The Ivey Poker pro moved to the US from Belarus in 1992 and during his high school years made a nice side income by beating [...]
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Allen Kessler

"Chainsaw" is One of the Most Consistent Pros of the Last 15 Years.
While many consider Allen Kessler the poster child for being a "nit", he has a poker career that would make most "pros" half his age jealous. The 43-year-old pro has been one of the most consistent live poker players of [...]
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Balazs Botond

Rising Hungarian Superstar
Balazs Botond is one of the most successful Hungarian poker players in history and has been able to achieve this feat in just a mere three years. He story is the classic "regular guy does good story" and now as a member [...]
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Dan Shak

High Stakes Tournament Specialist
If you ask Team Ivey Pror Dan Shak how long he has been playing poker professionally, he would tell you that he is not a pro but rather a "recreational player." Shak's main profession is as a commodities trader and he [...]

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David Peters

Career Best Year in 2013 With $1.38 Million in Earnings
David Peters is one of the fastest rising Team Ivey pros on the live tournament circuit today. With $7.7 million in combined tournament earnings, he is always a threat to go deep in any event he chooses to play.
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Gillian Epp

Crushing High Stake Cash Games
Gillian Epp is one of Canada’s most recognizable female poker players. She has graced the cover of numerous poker magazines, and is known for her beautiful smile, friendly table demeanor and above all, crushing [...]
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Giuseppe Pantaleo

Over 2,500 Online Tournament Cashes
Giuseppe Pantaleo has an impressive online poker career that has begun to translate into success in the live tournament arena. With over $3.6 Million in online earnings, the German-Italian professional is one of the most [...]
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Griffin Benger

2013 EPT Berlin High Roller Champion
Griffin Benger aka "Flush_Entity" knows what it is like to be the best in the world in gaming. A former top ranked video gamer, Griffin is now one of the best online poker players in the world. Now he is a member of [...]

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James Dempsey

WSOP and WPT Champion
James Dempsey is a well known cash game and tournament player on both the live and virtual felts. Known as "Flushy" online, James has amassed over $3 Million in combined earnings.
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John Eames

Rising English Poker Star
John Eames is one of the games rising English poker stars. He is well known on the European Poker Tour with multiple six-figure scores and is on the doorstep of breaking through with his first major poker title.
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Jonathan Tamayo

Two WSOP Circuit Titles
Jonathan Tamayo took up the game of poker during college while studying Hospitality Management at Cornell University. Unlike many younger poker pros, Jonathan actually finished his degree but was also steadily improving [...]
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Josh Brikis

Banker Turned Poker Pro
Originally from Pittsburg, PA, Josh Brikis did not take the route of many of today's poker players. While many players learned the game in high school or while attending college, Josh did not take up the game until [...]

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Justin Pechie

Online Poker Pro and WSOP Bracelet Winner
Although primarily known as an online poker pro, Justin Pechie has posted impressive scores both online and in the live game. Hailing from Connecticut, he has been playing professionally since turning 21 and is now a [...]
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Kevin Vandersmissen

Belgian Poker Superstar
Kevin Vandersmissen is one of the most successful Belgian poker players in history. The former construction worker has posted an impressive resume in just four short years and is now one of the most feared players in [...]
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Matias Gabrenja

CAP Game and Online Tournament Specialist
Matias Gabrenja is a man who uses poker to take care of the main priorities in his life, his loving family. Residing in Argentina, the husband and father of one perfectly balances both his role as a professional poker [...]
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Mathew Frankland

One of the UK's Most Dominant Young Pros
Mathew Frankland is one of the UK's most dominant players. With combined tournament poker earnings well over $2.77 Million, he is always a threat to go on a deep run in whatever events he plays.

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Mike Leah

Tournament Poker Beast
Mike Leah is one of the most accomplished mixed game players on the poker circuit today. The former sales manager was introduced to the game in 2005 and by 2006 he was already crushing live poker tournaments. By 2008, he [...]
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Ronnie Bardah

WSOP Bracelet Winner
Ronnie Bardah is one of the youngest "old school" poker players you will ever meet. The Team Ivey pro honed his game the old fashion way, via live play and long hours at the tables.
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Rupert Elder

EPT Champion
Rupert Elder has had an amazing start to his poker career. Since turning pro in 2009, the English star has put together over $3 million in combined tournament earnings and won an EPT title. Now as a member of Team Ivey, [...]
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Toby Lewis

EPT Champion and Online Tournament Crusher
Toby Lewis is one of the most successful English tournament poker players in the world. He has over $5.9 million in combined tournament earnings and now joins Team Ivey Poker in a quest to add to his already impressive [...]