Gillian Epp

Crushing High Stake Cash Games

Gillian Epp

Gillian Epp$427 Per Hour Win Rate in 2012.

Gillian Epp is one of Canada’s most recognizable female poker players. She has graced the cover of numerous poker magazines, and is known for her beautiful smile, friendly table demeanor and above all, crushing High-Stake Cash games.

Tournament Results

10-30-2012 $1,800 - WSOP Circuit Event- No Limit Hold'em 23$3,048
04-23-2012 $3,000 - GSOP Grand Final Punta Cana - No Limit Hold'em29$6,660

Gillian Epp's Biography

Her journey into the poker world actually began in India. Gillian left college and decided to embark on a self-discovery mission. While in India studying yoga, she discovered the game of poker. Upon returning home to Canada, she began to deal the game at a local casino, read poker books, and played online while working on her game.

Soon, Gillian discovered that she was making enough in middle stakes cash games to forego her job, and her life as a poker pro began. Within a couple of years, she worked her way up to the high stake games and has been a fixture at those ever since.

Gillian’s prowess in live cash games is impressive. She recently revealed that last year she averaged $427 an hour playing in live NL Hold’em cash games. Her impressive hourly rate has led her to focus almost exclusively on cash games as opposed to tournaments.

She regularly seeks out tough cash games. As explained on her website, “Playing against the best players raises your own level of play. I learn the most when I am put in challenging situations, the way I am against really good players.”

In addition to being a high stakes cash pro, she is a regular columnist for several top poker publication. As a member of Team Ivey, Gillian brings her years of experience as a high stake cash pro to the tables and should crush the tables there like she has in the live arena for years.