Top Five Online Poker Tells

by Ivey Poker / Wednesday, 02 April 2014 / Published in Ivey League

Poker TellsThe most common misconception with online poker is that tells are nonexistent. The reality is that there are plenty of tells in the online game for the observant player. Below are our top five online poker tells for beginning players.

Frequently Taking a Long Time to Act

The sign of a poker player that is playing preoccupied poker is someone that is frequently taking a long time to act and even timing out. While this can sometimes be indicative of a connection issue, it is more likely that they are playing preoccupied poker.

What this means is that the player is doing a dozen other things in addition to playing online poker. Many times you will see these players play basic ABC poker and this gives you opportunities to attack their blinds and push them out of pots.

Change in Chat Patterns

Believe it or not, the way you chat during a poker game can give off the strength of your hand. If a player has been very active in chat and they suddenly go quiet during a hand, that is usually because they have picked up a strong hand and are concentrating on playing the hand.
Adversely, sometimes players on a bluff will try to become more boisterous in chat to induce a fold. The same is also true of some players trying to get someone to call their monster hand.

When it comes to acting based on what you see in chat, a good rule of thumb to follow is to act opposite of the action your opponent appears to be instigating.

ButtonsInstant Check or Betting

Most online poker software includes check/fold or fold to any bet buttons. These buttons were created to save time but using them gives away information to your opponent.

Players that use the instant check button frequently have nothing and will fold to a single bet. When you see a player check as soon as action is on them, that is indicative of using the instant check button.

The fold to any bet button will result in an instant-check as well, so throwing out a bet after an instant check may result in an instant fold.

Instant Check-Raise

Where an instant check is a huge sign of weakness, the instant check-raise is a major sign of strength. This often happens when a player hits a monster hand and they check in the hopes of inducing a bluff. When their opponent bets, they are so anxious to get more money into the pot, they raise instantly.

The most common form of this instant check-raise is a min-raise. You bet 40,000 and they instantly make it 80,000. You are probably wise to fold in this spot.

One exception to this rule is on a flop with a multiple draws. In this case, a player in position may instant check-raise in hopes of buying a free card on the turn.

Long Pause Followed By a Bet or Raise

A play that you will often see on the river is a player taking a long time to act and then they decide to bet or raise. While this may appear on the surface to be a bluff, it is more likely that they have a very strong hand.

The player is trying to give off the impression that they are unsure of their hand or possibly bluffing, when in fact they have a very strong hand.

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